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2019-20 Campaigns: Brexit Policy Update

this is your officer update discussing policy they have worked on during this academic year.

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Brexit policy update!

At The Group Chat  ARU students voted to PASS the Brexit Policy: Impact on Education and I am confident to announce that this policy has been completed with some factors that will remain ongoing. For instance, we will continue to monitor that students are supported and communicated throughout any change Brexit may result in.

Completed: 1. We will lobby the university to provide welfare support for all students who are impacted by Brexit. 

Completed: 2. We will lobby the university to ensure any decisions made in response to Brexit which directly or indirectly impact students will be communicated to them clearly and in a timely manner.

Completed: 3. We will lobby the university to provide additional legal support for students whose immigration status is affected by Brexit. 

Completed: 4. We will undertake student voter registration drives.

Completed: 5. We stand up against bullying as a result of Brexit and will work in partnership with the university to ensure that all students feel safe, protected and welcomed to the ARU community.

I have thought long and hard whether we need to resubmit a Brexit policy for the next academic year and I want to hear from you?  Please comment or email me your comments and suggestions:


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