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2018-19 Campaigns: Women's Rep Campaign Against Sexual Harassment (Kyia Thompson)

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My name is Kyia Thompson and I am your Women’s Rep for Cambridge. My role is to represent female students by ensuring their voices are heard. My campaign is focused on raising awareness of sexual harassment towards women at university. In 2010, the National Union of Students (NUS) released a report highlighting the prevalence of sexual harassment at university - 68% of UK students experience sexual harassment (NUS, 2010). I want to start a conversation surrounding this figure and encourage female students to speak out and seek support. Student Services has recently launched a section on their website dedicated to sexual respect at university. It is here that students can find links to internal and external support networks.

2018-19 CAMPAIGNS:

Collier Road Lighting Campaign

The lighting surrounding the Collier Road entrance (just off of Mill Road) has been a continued issue for students. During the winter months we are losing sunlight and many students have expressed their concerns regarding their safety in this poorly lit area of the university. This is why this year, one of my campaigns will be aimed at improving the lighting in this area so that students can feel safe whilst entering and exiting university. Over the next few weeks I will be gathering quantitive and qualitative data in this area and passing this information on to both the university and Cambridgeshire County Council. If you are interested in helping us collect data on Tuesday, Nov 20th, and Thursday, Nov 22nd, please contact me at!

UPDATE: After months of campaigning, on February 14th I received an email from Estates and Facilities stating that planning had been approved to install more lighting around the Collier Road entrance to ARU. The lights will be installed March 8th so please keep a look out! This is a massive win, and I am so glad that ARU has placed students safety as a priority!


2017-18 CAMPAIGNS: My aim is to hold an academic panel that will bring together students and academics that are interested in raising the awareness of sexual harassment towards women at university.

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 2018: We held our panel on Thursday, 8th of February, 2018. The panel, ‘Time’s Up for Sexual Harassment: Twitter Trend or New Dawn on the Horizon?’, was a huge success. 80+ tickets were sold. Panellists from both Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge were questioned and held to account by students about how they are addressing sexual harassment at university and what they think the future holds for this Twitter trend. Myself and Laura Douds, VP for FST, chaired the panel, as can be seen below! 



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