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10 reasons to join Kindness Hour

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Kindness Hour is a monthly get together organised by the SU Volunteering team. We meet on a Thursday at 12pm on Zoom to catch-up while doing a different volunteering/kindness activity each time. There are some good reasons for joining Kindness Hour! 


1: You will contribute to a good cause.  

Each week we collectively decide on one volunteering/kindness activity we will participate in. We help various non-profit organisations such as PostPals supporting poorly kids, Free Rice tackling world hunger or ZSL working on nature conservation projects. We were recently involved also in the testing of a new app created by a charity start-up called now-u which empowers people to tackle issues such as refugees’ welfare or domestic abuse prevention or global access to sanitation.  


2: You will make friends with truly kind people. 

Although the primary purpose of Kindness Hours is to engage in volunteering/kindness activities, it is also a space for us to catch-up, have a cup of tea together, see how everyone is. We stay in touch in between Kindness Hours through our Facebook chat. Every single person who has been a part of our Kindness Hour is incredible, kind and unique. We have people from different cultures, in different ages, from a variety of courses and with various interests but what we all have in common is kindness.  


3: You will spend time in a supportive environment. 

The atmosphere created during Kindness Hours is a reflection of our values. We welcome each person and we embrace their uniqueness. We support each other with practical help and encouraging words when needed. We promote self-love as much as we do kindness to others. If that sounds like a group you would like to be a part of, we can’t wait to meet you! 


4: You will engage in fun activities. 

Helping is not only good, but it is also fun! During our sessions, we do relaxing fun activities such as making cards for poorly kids or knitting for premature babies. We explore new apps which help people to support important causes and we create bird feeders from milk cartons. We look for creative and fun new ways of spreading kindness. 


5: You will learn new skills. 

Sometimes to be able to help we need to learn first.  We’ve been learning how to knit together over a few sessions, it wasn’t easy, but it was a lot more fun when done together. Another time we’ve learnt how to use a simple online software for designing our Kindness Cards with words of encouragement for those struggling during challenging times of pandemic. Learning new skills is not a primary focus of our sessions, but it is a useful extra perk! 


6: You will help us to build a kinder ARU community. 

Our aim is to spread kindness around. Starting from ourselves, step-by-step, student-by-student, we are hoping for our ARU community to become kinder, more welcoming and more inclusive place. Let’s imagine a campus full of students wanting to do something kind for another person? Powerful, isn’t it? 


7: You will get the health benefits of kindness. 

Scientific literature shows that acts of kindness and helping are associated with increased well-being, improved support networks and greater self-esteem. Helping others is particularly important for our sense of belonging, creating and maintain positive social connections. Kindness Hours give you an opportunity to make friends and connect with your communities within and outside of the university. They are not only good for those you are being helped but also helpers themselves! 


8: You will gain awareness about important local and national issues.  

There are so many causes needing involvement and so many people in need of help. By engaging in small volunteering activities, we are slowly building our understanding and awareness of different important issues such as sustainability and conservation or realities of kids living with terminal diseases. Moreover, each of our wonderful volunteers has unique insights into a particular issue, so we can also learn from each other.  


9: You will be able to talk to Volunteer Coordinators and other volunteers.  

Kindness Hours are a good opportunity to ask any questions about available volunteering and hear first-hand experiences directly from current community volunteers. If you are not sure about starting volunteering or you don’t know what role would be best we can provide you with all the information needed. 


10: Finally…you won’t even need to move from you sofa! 

Kindness Hours are online! There is no need to travel anywhere, you can join us from your own house. Each week we post a link on the Kindness Hour Facebook group. The links can be also found on the Students’ Union website. Can helping be any easier? 


When: Thursdays, 12pm 

Where: Zoom meetings links can be found on our events calendar

Join the Kindness Hour group on Facebook: 


See you Thursday! 


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