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100 days of being the President of the Students' Union

It’s been 100 days (give or take a day) since Laura became President of the Union. It’s been a really interesting few months, find out more about what Laura has been up to here.

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Laura Douds

Laura is your President for the Student's Union and as such represents you as a student. Laura has previously been your Vice President of the Faculty of Science and Technology and has a wealth of experience in making huge change, celebrating students and working with the University. Find out more about Laura and what she is doing to support you as a student here or email her at




"So, it’s been 100 days (give or take a day) since I became President of the Union. It’s been a really interesting few months- the role is so different to being a Vice President, and being the only officer in their second year brings a whole new set of challenges (but in a good way!).

I never thought I’d care this much about charity law or good governance, but chairing the board of trustees (and all the fun that entails, like recruiting new trustees) has easily become one of my favourite parts of the job. We have a really dedicated team including officers and external trustees whose purpose is nothing more than making sure the Union runs itself well and sometimes asking the hard questions. We’re still looking for students to join us on the board, though, so if you’re interested in helping set the direction of the Union you can find out more here and you can apply for a position here.

I’m really proud to have such a great team to work with – all of the individual officer campaigns are amazing – we’re doing everything from education enhancement to student health and wellbeing to community building, and so, so much more. You can find out more about what the officers have been up to, and details of their campaigns, in our Executive Committee reports.

I’m especially proud to be leading on the team’s housing campaign, though. It’s such a big problem for so many students – so we’re doing something about it. Keep an eye out here – you can keep up to date with new developments as they happen. Our survey to gather student feedback should be going live in November!

All in all, it’s been a really good start; we’re making progress on initiatives to close the BME Attainment Gap; we’re in talks to renew our students-as-partners agreement with the university, and we have just had a great course rep election!"



More information in general on how our student represenatation works, click here

If you are interested in discussing a Students’ Union stance on a national issue and want the SU to pass policy on it, then bring the conversation to The Group Chat – Find out when the next chat in on your campus.


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