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Ten reasons to stand as a Course Rep

Have you considered standing as a Course Rep? Here are ten reasons why you should!

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1. It couldn’t be easier!

Nominating yourself to be a Course Rep is simple! Head to and check out The Rep Election 2019; the whole process only takes a couple of minutes, and there’s even a handy FAQ to answer anything you might wanna know.

I want to stand to be my Course Rep


2. You can make a difference to your course!

Not only will you collect feedback from your course mates, you will be delivering it to university staff. They’ll use this to make changes that students want to see – you’ll be making a positive difference – go you!  via GIPHY


3. You’ll develop some great skills!

Course Reps gain skills in communication, organisation, leadership, responsibility, and so much more. You’ll gain lots of experience in working alongside fellow students, staff members, and the SU. You can log the skills you gain on your Volunteer Profile too, and have a transcript you can take to interviews to show off your new found skills!

QUOTE: “I developed so many skills in both a personal and professional perspective, from speaking to fellow students to presenting student issues to university staff at pretty big meetings and even speaking at national events.”



4. The SU will always be there to help.

You don’t need to worry if you feel a bit lost on becoming or being a Course Rep. The Students’ Union will provide training before you do anything; there will be tips on how to gather and deliver feedback, how to fill in a report, and even how to engage fellow students. There are dedicated Rep Coordinators whose job is to help you out with your role.



5. It doesn’t take too much time!

Although being a Course Rep is a super important role, it’s not a huge time commitment. You’ll be expected to get trained with the SU in October and head to your SSLC meeting once a semester. Other than that it’s just the time it takes to get feedback from students, which can be as much or as little as you like.


6. You could win awards!

The SU Awards are our glitzy annual event where we celebrate the best of the best – our volunteers! As a Rep you can log volunteering hours, earn volunteering awards, and you’ll even be eligible to win Rep of the Year – all sounds exciting, right?

QUOTE: “Winning Rep Honours is amazing and it’s a great feeling to be recognised and rewarded.”


7. Free stuff!

As a Course Rep you will get a free ARU Students’ Union branded hoodie once you’re trained. This will show everyone that you are a valued member of the SU – and it’ll keep you warm too!


 via GIPHY


8. You can get more involved with the University community!

Being a Course Rep makes you a valued source of student feedback for the university. You will get offered opportunities to look behind the scenes at panels and hearings, and help offer a student perspective on issues that affect you and your peers. You might even be inspired to run for a full time role as a paid SU Officer.

QUOTE: “The Course Rep role set me up so well for running in the election to become President of the Students’ Union as it meant I already had a good grasp of what students at Anglia Ruskin want and need.”


9. There’s a huge social aspect!

You’ll be communicating with your course mates, with other Reps, with the SU, and so many other people across ARU; being a Rep is a great way to give yourself some common ground to get to know people! Who knows, you might find a great friend who’s another Rep in your SSLC!



10. Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what actual Course Reps had to say about their role!

I've had an amazing two years working the SU as a course rep and have just loved all the chances given to further myself and to voice my fellow students' opinions. No feedback goes by unheard - believe me!”

“I love advocating for other's needs. It is rewarding and it just feels like you are giving something back to the student community!”

“I really enjoy working with the Students’ Union because I feel I can help improve people's experience at University. I have met so many amazing people in this role and they have helped me gain confidence to be able to stand for what I believe and be the change that students want to see.”


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