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Society Spotlight: Social Work Society

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“On Friday the 8th of March 15 members of the social work society arranged to give up their own time and own evening to volunteer for YMCA and sleep rough to raise more awareness for homelessness and particularly young people in Essex. A lot of work was put into making boxes and considering the cold miserable and wet weather that evening all members stayed the whole night 12 hours in fact and slept rough! For many of the members this was their first experience being awake all night- yet stayed extremely positive and keen to stay involved with all activities. Their passion was seen by the CEO of YMCA and he commented on their dedication, enthusiasm and caring nature as well as communicating that they couldn’t have done it without this group!”

The committee would also like to give a shout out to all its members for taking part.

What does being part of this society mean to you?

“The reason I made this society was because I wanted to be able to organise events for students and find opportunities that may sometimes be hidden. I recognise the importance of peer and group support and as a society we run meetings to help people move forward and recognise their own strengths and how far they have come. Being a student can sometimes be financially hard by applying for funding that is offered for societies learning opportunities and events can be offered and this helps those that wouldn’t normally get the chance to do this. I like speaking up for what people want.”

What is your society’s biggest achievement?


What is your society planning next?

A trip to parliament to understand how the law is used in practice and the challenges that exist

Essex pride- volunteering for the event



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