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Society Spotlight: Midwifery Society

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The ARU Midwifery Society is made up of a dedicated team of enthusiastic student midwives who aim to offer that little extra to our student midwives currently training at ARU. They post regular practice based information on Facebook, hold regular training events and their conference in January went down a storm!


Our society in 3 words: Friendly Committed Passionate!


Emma would like to give a shout out to Beth McLewin who has worked really hard organizing the conference and did a great job. It was tricky but she got a great line up of speakers and the day was a success.




“We are constantly putting in hard work alongside studies and full time work within maternity departments. Always staying in touch with each other despite our studies and arranging events either free or for a reasonable price!


We held a conference in January aimed at mental health in midwifery.

We are planning on running training events on aromatherapy use in labour, bereavement training, hypnobirthing and a lot more are in the pipeline!”


What does being part of this society mean to you?


Emma - “Sharing my love for midwifery to all the other student midwives. Helps me to keep to date with up to date research by being the social media person - my role is with Facebook predominately and getting the society events out into the midwifery world to showcase our events. It's great working as part of a team to better the training the student midwives get and it also is a plus to talk about at interview at our invented places of work.”


Bethany: “Commitment and gaining friends, working hard to get a sense of achievement when we make a difference and support other students’ education”


What is your society’s biggest achievement?


Emma: “Having lots of lovely members!”


Bethany: “Being up for an award at the SU in 2018”


What is your society planning next?


Emma: “Continue the good work done by precious society committee and offer more training and workshops for our student midwives.”


Bethany: “We have an event for March involving baby bereavement Currently planning other events and plan on doing something to send off the 3rd years who will graduate and conduct an event that will support them moving forward to being independent qualified practitioners”




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