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Society Spotlight: Harry Potter Society - Cambridge

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The Harry Potter Society is a place where like-minded individuals can share fan theories and play Harry Potter themed games.


The society would like to give a shoutout to Rhiannon, she has been amazing and worked so hard at writing both quizzes, and sewing all our members personalised house badges! Also a shoutout to all our members!! We would not be able to run/host the events we want to without all of you, so thank you, from Charlotte, Rhiannon, Ellie and Michelle.


#Society Spotlight


We ran our annual N.E.W.T's (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) in March in the academy!

We successfully raised over £30 for two charities: Lumos and for James Porter to run in the London Marathon for CLIC Sargent.


We ran our quiz online this year, with one print out being made for the bar staff (Rhys and Maggie) so that they could also participate.


If you would like to see why we chose these charities please see the links below:


CLIC Sargent:


What does being part of this society mean to you?


“This society is like one big family and a great support network. We all support and help each other even with fixing bags. The society for me is amazing and every single member is amazing and very unique.”


What is your societies biggest achievement?


“Our biggest achievement this year is running our two successful quiz events, the O.W.L'S and N.E.W.T'S.”


What is your society planning next?


“We are planning for next year running the quizzes, and organising a trip to the Harry Potter Studio. Plus a Yule Ball for Christmas time.”


Remember if you would like to join the Harry Potter Society, click here. Would you like to find out if your course has a society? Or would you like to start your own society? You can follow the attached links or email to find out how to run a society.



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