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Society Spotlight: Graphic Design

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The Graphic Design Society is a collaborative society, building connections between those interested in design and the wider student body. We aim to help students build up their portfolios with live briefs, help them with technical skills and provide a relaxed forum. Interested in seeing what they get up to? Follow them on twitter and Instagram @arugds


The society would like to give a huge shout out to Dan Rice and Em Long for giving them the opportunity to get involved with Nerds Assemble. They have been great organisers and helped to facilitate an awesome event. We look forward to working with them in future.




“We enjoyed taking part in the Nerds Assemble event, designing the logo and producing badges for each society involved as part of the badge hunt activity. The badge hunt really helped to build more student interest and interaction with the wide range of societies available on the Cambridge campus and we were able to build some great connections through this event. Our activity was to encourage students to describe what graphic design meant to them, to win a badge from our stall. Each society had an activity for students to participate in, to win a badge and the student who collected a badge for all 12 societies involved would win a certificate.”


What does being part of this society mean to you?


“Being part of this society means having a network of creatives I can learn from and share ideas with. I have gained so much experience through being in this society and made some great connections, it has been an invaluable experience.”


What is your societies biggest achievement?


“Winning Most Improved Society Award and Society Of The Month!”


What is your society planning next?


“We plan to continue collaborating with other societies and helping students through design.”





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