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Society Spotlight: Chelmsford Anglia Ruskin Sirens Cheerleaders

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The Anglia Ruskin Sirens Cheerleaders are a hard working, dedicated team of cheerleaders who put in many hours of practice. They train twice a week to perfect their skills. This society is a great way to make friends while keeping fit and represent our university all over the UK. If you would like to join or find out more about the society’s events please click here.


#Society Spotlight

“We are running our second bake sale of the year, this time it will be Christmas themed! So far we have already raised over £300 through a previous bake sale and bag packing in Tesco, for our society and our partner MIND, a mental health charity to which a donation of our proceeds will be given. We hope to raise lots of money this year to help our team out with the cost of our new uniform and upcoming competitions, as well as providing a great donation to the charity MIND who provide amazing advice and support.”


This society would like to give a shout out to shout out to their fundraising officer as this will be their third fundraising event in three months with over £300 raised already.


What does being part of this society mean to you?

“Being part of this society means having a goal to reach for beyond uni work, while making new friends along the way.”


What is your society’s biggest achievement?

“All of our hard work and dedication pays off at competitions, we won 1st place in 2013 and 2014 and came 2nd place in 2015.2


What is your society planning next?

“We are fundraising to help with the cost of our upcoming competitions early next year. We are having a Christmas bake sale in MAB on the 14th of December from 10-4pm! Please come along for some yummy Christmas treats and to support our society and our partner charity MIND.”


Remember if you would like to Join the Sirens Cheerleading Club here or find out if your course has a society? Or start your ownsociety. You can follow the attached links or email to find out how to run a society.


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