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Committee Member Tales: Why Run a Society?

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 Jessica’s Story (Law Society):

“Being a committee member of the Law Society enabled me to highly develop certain skills such as time-management, leadership and teamwork. It is an amazing experience that also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and find a second family in your fellows committee members”

While the students of the Law society will be able to tell you much more about their society here is a brief overview of what they achieve in a year:

This society runs fantastic events all year round, they meticulously plan each year, and aim to include a full masterclass series of events thought-out the academic year for their members. This society has been running for a number of years, so has the benefit of history, lessons learned and a network of past success stories to follow from.

The aim of the society is to promote and facilitate the sharing of information, advice and contacts regarding a career in law and academic matters for the betterment of members.

The Law Society at the Cambridge campus is committed to being sustainable and to working with the Anglia Ruskin Green Team to reduce the environmental impact we, as students and as a University, have on our community. 

They have been nominated for most improved society, society of the year and Zoe Wilson also personally nominated for Society Person of the year in our SU Awards.

Want to talk to this society and find out more? Find them on Facebook  ,Twitter @AngliaLawSoc or Instagram & Snapchat arulawcamb


Laura’s Story (Creative Writing, TAGS, Pokemon, Arts and Crafts):

“I really loved being on a committee for loads of different reasons! There are far too many to list, so I'll just pick out a few really special things.

1. I made a whole bunch of new friends! Some were other committee members who were working with me, some were from other societies when we met at Freshers fair, and some were our members. It's a fab way to get in touch with a whole bunch of new people!
2. I gained loads of new skills - I used to be terrified of public speaking (believe it or not!), and now I'm not. I used to not have confidence in writing budgets or risk assessments and now I do. I used to struggle to balance a workload - but when you run a society (or like me, 4 of them!) and have to keep on top of your other commitments, you really do learn quickly how to prioritise!
3. And perhaps most special to me, I got multiple job offers on the back of being President of a society. I didn't end up taking them (couldn’t resist that VP FST life!), but when I went to interviews they often asked what my committee member status entailed, and when I explained about organising events, budgeting, the confidence I'd gained and any disagreements the committee had had - they were always really impressed and more than one of them told me that was the reason they'd offered me a job in the first place!”

Laura went on to running in our Election representing her faculty FST for a year, and then even going on to run for and win the election for next year’s president! Running a society can open so many doors to where your future could lead.

Want to find societies that suit you and help you develop? Find all the societies here or start your own.

Nanci’s Story (Next Move Arts Society):

  “I became a committee member in the fall of 2015 when I started my first year (I’m also the founder of the society). Next Move Arts was an idea I’d for a long time when I finished my college, but couldn’t realise it until I started uni at ARU. Then I met few students of my department of film from other years and we were only 5-6 people starting doing little shorts. In second year the society grown so much that we had almost 30 student’s members not only from film department, but from other departments of uni that just wanted to do short-films with us. We not only made friends from different courses and years, but also we became a family. We have been in film festivals, we made our own shorts, and we did went far beyond of our modules and creativity. We created a society based on our course, but also much more people joined us during the last 3 years. Also being part of a committee, gave us knowledge and skills of how to run something close to what we will soon want to become, a production company helping young student filmmakers. We expanded our networking, we grown and we also integrated the values of working through equality and diversity in our society (which we are very much proud of) with a proper team. This also helped us a lot building up our cvs professionally. On top of all that, we love and have fun with what we done so far in those 3 years. Nanci Cruz and all NMA committee”

Next Move Arts went on to enter the Big Pitch, building the society members business and leadership skills to partner their film and media knowledge. They hope to run a business based on the people they have met and skills they have learned. Running a society can put you in control of your own future, and give you the skills and experience to be a leader in your career.

Check out Next Move Arts Video Here:

Or join the society: Media: Next Move Arts - Cambridge 


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