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Society Spotlight: Cambridge Ruskin Journal Society: Launch Event

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Ruskin Journal is a platform for members to share their voices and personal opinions with articles such as personal experiences, travel posts, film reviews and student life at Anglia Ruskin. The society isn't just focused on media and English students but attracts the entire university. If you would like to join or find out more about the society’s events please click here.



“So, Last year the Ruskin Journal was created by Elle Haywood and Hanushka Karnani and had great success. During this, they developed the first physical paper for the Ruskin Journal. After months of preparing the paper, receiving articles from the society members and receiving the finished copies (all 1500!), we held our launch party on the 16th October.

The launch party was a great success, with prosecco and copies of the paper scattered around, it was a great time to socialise with everyone involved with the Ruskin Journal - the lecturers that helped out, the members that wrote such fab articles and for the old committee to come back and see how everything is running.

Ruskin Journal has grown massively too. We are in week 4 and are at 28 members. It is great to see how the Ruskin Journal has expanded throughout the year and we cannot wait to see what happens next.”

"The committee of this society would like to give an extra special shout out to Blessing Raimi, for designing our member hoodies and the design of our lanyards which we are excited to share with everyone soon."


Why do you love being part of the society?

I love being able to write and contribute with other like-minded people. Writing started out as a hobby for me, I love writing and sharing my own experiences. But, now that hobby has enabled me to run the committee and show my love for writing even more! I also love being able to enhance student experience and allowing members to write and show things they are proud of.


What is your societies biggest achievement?

Our best achievement was producing a physical paper. We wanted to create a portfolio for our writers to feel proud of and to be able to hold physically in their hands, rather than something you look at on a screen. The whole paper was about student life, particularly at ARU. We launched during graduation week which gives all students a chance to look back on their 3 years at ARU.


What is your society planning next?

We are trying to get ARU involved a lot more - more writing focusing on ARU sport, music and gigs that are happening here at Anglia Ruskin.

And of course to produce another physical paper! With 30 members, we are striving to produce a bigger paper, with more articles and elements which hopefully, we can produce next year.



Remember if you would like to Join  Ruskin Journal Society, find out if your course has a society? Or start your own society. You can follow the attached links or email for Course Based Society enquiries.


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