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Ten reasons to stand as a Course Rep

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1. It’s super easy




Applying to stand as a Course Rep literally takes minutes. Then you just let your course mates know you’re standing for the role, encourage them to vote and sit back and wait to find out the result!


2. You’ll make a huge difference to your course




Not only will your course mates appreciate the effort you put in for them, but you could even see your course change dramatically because of feedback your fellow students make. For example, if they say that an assignment is completely irrelevant to their degree, you could see it swapped out for something new that students feel more engaged with. You’ll be making a positive difference – go you!


3. Did somebody say free stuff?




As part of being a Course Rep you’ll get a free branded hoodie, which you can wear around campus, to let people know that you’re a Course Rep and to keep you warm!


4. It’s a really easy way to make friends with people




You’ll be engaging with your course mates, in person, on social media, and via email, so you’ll quickly build up friendships with them. Because you’ll be uniting together to bring about positive change, you’ll become close with people that you might not have even spoken to before. You’ll also meet other Reps in your department, and you most likely wouldn’t have met them if you weren’t a Rep.


5. You’ll develop some great skills to add to your CV




You will learn so much being a Course Rep. You’ll develop communication and organisation skills, as well as experience of leadership and responsibility, amongst many others. You’ll gain valuable experience by talking to your fellow students and staff members, compiling student feedback and going to meetings, all of which you can put on your CV and talk about at interviews.


6. The Students’ Union will always help you if you feel lost




You don’t need to worry if you feel like you have no idea how to be a Course Rep! The Students’ Union will provide free training before you do anything. They’ll show you how to fill in a report, how to ask students for feedback and give you tips to engage with your course mates. You’ll receive support from the Students’ Union at all times, whenever you need it - whether it’s help with your report or sitting in on a meeting with you.


7.  As a volunteer, you can log your hours online




Don’t forget, that as you are volunteering your time for the Students’ Union, you are a volunteer! You can log all of the hours you spend during this role online and print out a transcript of the skills you have gained. You can also get Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in recognition of the time you have spent volunteering and the skills you have learned. 


8. Represent the voices of students on your course




You’ll be able to improve the experience of all the students on your course in your year. You can take their opinions and thoughts to staff members and create a positive change that the students you’re representing want. You get to make a difference!


9. There’s not many hours involved




Although being a Course Rep is a super important role within the university, it’s not a massive time commitment. You will go to SSLC meetings once a semester. The rest of the role involves talking to people; just the time it takes you to get feedback from your students and speak to your faculty staff. And that’s it!


10. Be a part of the university community




Being a Course Rep makes you a valuable member of the university. Your job is to help the university to make sure your course is the best it can possibly be. You'll be telling your lecturers what is going well, and what needs to be improved on. Without people like you, course leaders would never have a students perspective on what they are teaching. You'll also get extra opportunties to see behind the scenes at panel and hearings (but only if you want to!).


If after reading this you want to stand for Course Rep, you can apply here. Good luck!


Anna Low
4:50pm on 7 Oct 18 I think the bursary should be given at the start of the semester. Placement requires alot of money for transportation but I also believe the tresh hold for household income should be reviewed.
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