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Student Rep Hoodies

The University provide 550+ Reps with Hoodies!

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The Vice Chancellor in his Hoodie with ARU Reps

Over the last few years the Student Rep system has developed considerably. On top of the meetings Reps are already invited to attend, they now have the opportunity to be accredited in their role; join a Student Rep society and be trained virtually through the VLE. The growth of the system has rewarded the University and SU with passionate and committed  Reps and last year two of our Reps were recognised nationally for their work with the award of the NUS Course Rep of the Year. 

There are currently over 550 Reps on all four campuses; although it is apparent that not all students and staff know who they are. When David Humber (FHSCE) offered to buy Rep hoodies to raise visibility in his Faculty, the SU supported the intiative wholeheartedly. LAIBS swiftly followed suit in semester 1 and by the end of the semester all four Faculties were raising the profile of Reps through the hoodie iniatitive. Vice Chancellor Mike Thorne explains:

'Student Reps are so important and it is tremendous that, thanks to the ‘hoodies’, we can all - staff and students - now so easily recognise them. This is an inspired initiative.'

The SU would like to thank the Deans and Mike Thorne (proudly sporting his hoodie in the image). Special thanks also goes to Student Services who have donated a generously towards the SU’s first formal Rep award ceremony in May. This is a great year to be a Rep!


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