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Past Campaigns: LGBT+ History Month (Laura Douds)

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I feel it’s really important to provide events which bring our diverse ARU community together. That’s why I'm running multiple events throughout LGBT+ History Month this February!


The theme I’ve chosen for the month is intersectionality.

If you're not familiar with this term, intersectionality is a word used to describe the way different personal attributes intertwine with each other – in other words, it’s the acknowledgement that the experiences of, for example, a transgender lesbian might be different than those of a cisgender lesbian, as their gender identities can interact with their sexuality in different ways. Or, that the experiences of a disabled black person might be different than those of a disabled Asian person due to the way their race interacts with their disability.

We’ll be hosting guest speakers on both campuses, who will be giving talks on intersectionality within the community. We’re also going to be showing movies and documentaries in conjunction with our societies, and doing giveaways to build the sense of community on campus.

To top it off,  in honor of LGBT+ History Month, we'll be hosting Rainbow at the Academy,  featuring pop classics and DJ!

You can see the full list of events below or on our events calendar. New ones are being added all the time as more students want to get involved, so keep checking back.

We can't wait to see you all get involved, so join in and let's celebrate our amazing community at ARU!



LGBT+ History Month

 Destress - You are irreplaceable - Cambridge
16th February noon - 1pm
In collaboration with LGBT+ History Month we will be launching the 'You are irreplaceable' campaign.
 The Lesser Known Letters - LGBT+ History Month
19th February 5pm - 7pm
Cambridge Campus: Hel106/107
A student-led Q&A and discussion to talk about the 'lesser known letters' of LGBT+ for LGBT+ History Month.

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