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Chelmsford Post Graduate Rep - Carmen Neagu

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Hey guys!

I'm Carmen and I am your new Chelmsford Postgraduate Rep. I am studying a taught Masters in business management, which I have started last September. In my first ever lecture I volunteered to be a Student Rep. And I've been a Rep ever since. I went to meetings to represent my colleagues, I spoke to lecturers regarding any concerns my classmates might have had.

My biggest achievement as a Rep was introducing a Research Methods Module for my pathway because, believe it or not, the taught PG course that I was doing did not have such a module. Starting this year the module is part of the curriculum. This leads me to one of my objectives: to campaign so that all PG pathways have a research module, be it compulsory or optional, as we all need the extra support when writing our dissertations.

However, I am not stuck to my objectives, I am happy to fight on your behalf and try and sort out any problems you might face, that I am not aware of.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Dineshkumar Kanagasababathi
10:08pm on 9 Nov 12 hello senior
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