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2018-19 Campaigns: Best Night In (Amanda Campbell White and Matt Hayes)

Your VP for AHSS, Amanda Campbell White, and your VP for FSE, Matt Hayes, are aiming to provide alcohol-free events for a more inclusive campus!

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A campaign by Amanda Campbell White, your Vice President for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Matt Hayes, your Vice President for Science and Engineering.

Students should not have to worry about the standard expectation that coming to university is all about nights out in order to meet new people or enjoy yourself. So why this campaign then? I mean don’t get us wrong, we love a good night out just as much as the next person but we also understand that this kind of thing isn’t for everyone (for whatever reason!). We want all students to feel a part of the ARU community.

We are providing students this year with various events called Best Night In. They are going to range from events like Prize Bingo to chilled out arts and crafts sessions. We are very excited to launch Toast Tuesdays soon! Because who doesn’t love toast?! IWe want this space and time to be for everyone.


  • Students will have an alternative option to going out
  • Student to feel a part of the community through Night In events
  • Students will have fun and an enjoyable time with Best Night In 
  • Students will be provided with Non-Alcohol events
  • Wider student participation will occur

October update! We held the first Best Night In event in our Cambridge Peter Taylor House student space. It was a very busy event with a super chilled out atmosphere. We had loads of activities happening such as making scoobies, arts and crafts and Wii games.


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