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2018-19 Campaigns: Best Night Out (Amanda Campbell White and Matt Hayes)

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A campaign by Amanda Campbell White, your Vice President for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Matt Hayes, your Vice President for Science and Engineering.

After working in the pub and nightlife scene for numerous years, we are on a mission to stop a nightlife culture that normalises sexual harassment, ignores sexual health and is naive to the realities of drug culture. We may not be able to overhaul every nightclub in Cambridge and Chelmsford, but we can at least set a standard to other nightclubs in our very own venues on campus: The Academy in Cambridge (check it out here) and 92 in Chelmsford (check it out here).

Sexual health is important - if students are going to have sex, then we can help provide the right resources and information for them! Let’s start a conversation and talk!


  • To provide fun and safe nights out for all students.
  • Students will enjoy their time at our own safe venues on campus.
  • Students will learn about the risks of nights out: drugs, how to take care of their sexual health, possibility of sexual assault, etc.
  • To provide sexual health packs for students.
  • Students will be aware of wellbeing resources, including our own advice service, regarding all areas of night out culture/life.


On October 2nd, we had the first launch event for the Best Night Out campaign in Cambridge, with a focus on sexual health. We started the conversation on talking about sex! We gave out 66 sexual health packs at the event and Terrence Higgins Trust gave out 25 free STI testing kits - it was a good night! Due to the success of the event in Cambridge we are now organising an event for Chelmsford campus for the 21st of November.



CHELMSFORD BEST NIGHT OUT: November 21st, 2018 from 7pm in 92.



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