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Commuting - what a nightmare...

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Commuting has me feeling like...

Okay so I've had a bit of a moan already but commuting is tiring!

In my first year I lived in the Student Village in Chelmsford and in my 2nd and 3rd years I lived on the road behind campus, so it's safe to say I got very used to the comfortable life of rolling straight out of bed into lectures! But the past 2 months have been different, my student house tenancy had expired in June and my only other home is in London...

I spent July and August commuting every day from East London to Chelmsford/Cambridge as part of my responsibilty as President, and it wasn't easy! I had to leave home at ridiculous hours of the morning, endure the horrendous M11 Traffic and get home way later than I was used to. So to all the commuting students out there, I feel you, and I salute you!

During my time as a commuter I was very aware that it was important to look after myself so I didn't suffer from exhaustion... A few tips to make commuting that little bit easier:

1. When you get home - Treat yourself! Run yourself a nice warm bath and chuck a lush bath bomb in there... Maybe even grab a small glass of wine, yum!

2. Fit in time for breakfast in the morning - Although you may have to leave inhumanely early, eating breakfast will improve your mood to start the day and keep you energised... Don't underestimate the power of a good omellette!

3. If you're too tired to cook once you finally crawl through the door at the end of the day, pick a day and cook enough food to last you a couple of days... Tuppaware is your friend, nothing beats coming home knackered to whacking your dinner in the microwave and lazing on the sofa in 5 minutes!

4. Allocate time to spend time with friends/family. The power of some good old chat and hugs is stronger than you think... there's always time for some down time with your people

Good luck for the semester ahead people, you're going to smash it!! If you ever need a moment to chill whilst you're on campus, come and find me in the Volunteering office on the ground floor of the Tindal building... We have a couple small sofas... Nap time? ;)



Jacqueline Page
8:36pm on 15 Mar 17 I live in Leicester and will be commuting to Peterborough. I want to be a good time keeper. So i think I need to be organised. I always eat breakfast. Is the Tindall building in Peterborough?
Karin Da Silva
5:38pm on 20 Sep 16 I am so scared that I won't be able to cope with commuting. I lived in Cambridge for my first year but now I'm in London. I don't have a car yet so I will have to use the trains which means that this will be even worse and even more tiring. I will try to use the tips that you gave.x
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