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Am I too old for Freshers?

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Education has no age, I am proud of those who see education as a very important thing. Education is indeed important because an educated person has more chances of landing a high paying job, makes you self-dependent, turns your dreams into reality, and makes you confident.

Now you are here, why not get involved with activities which will ease your academic stress, because self-care is very important no matter your age, gender or race, you deserve the best. ARU Students’ Union have various activities to keep you engaged such as trips, volunteering and societies.

I am 25 years old studying masters in Accounting, it doesn’t matter how old I am, I am keen on acquiring more knowledge and skills.
I decided to get engaged with extra-curricular activities within the university, which includes being a student Ambassador for the Business school, a call centre staff member during clearing and the international admissions, an internship program organise by faculty of LAIBS, becoming the International Rep and currently I work for the Students’ Union as the Activities Officer. All this involvement with the university has earned me employability skills that potential employers are looking for, such as Leadership Skills, volunteering Skills, IT Skills, Communication Skills, and Project Management Skills.

Here is my tips and advice for you, whatever age you are:

  1. Don’t feel like you are the oldest in the room because others feel like that as well
  2. Go out and meet new people, networking now will help you in the future
  3. I found time to get involved when I feel stressed with academic work, I just “Give It A Go”
  4. You are not alone, the Students' Union is your buddy, always come in to have a chat with myself and my colleagues
  5. Join a club or society to belong to a community and socialise
  6. You can nominate yourself for Course Rep position and lead your fellow students

So I encourage you to get involved because you get wider knowledge and skills for life which makes it an additional plus to your degree. You are never too old!


Precious Nwanze
12:35pm on 20 Sep 16 Hello Thomas, I am so impress to know you are keen on getting involve. Come see us at Students' Union Office at Tindal building so that we discuss more on opportunities we have for you.
Thomas Kanda
8:51pm on 19 Sep 16 It can be fun to be back to school after a long break, but for me I am now enjoying learning new things at an old age. I have told myself that there is nothing to stop me learn new things especially when I can still function physically, mentally and psychologically. I seem to be enjoying being in the same class with students of different ages and I am glad my wife and two children are in support of what I am doing. I cannot wait to start my new course.
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