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5 things you have to do during Freshers

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1. Grab the freebies!

I mean, why wouldn’t you? You’re the star of this show; all of this is for you! Take advantage! Come to Freshers Fair and let our clubs and societies shower you in goodies and showcase what activities are all about!

2. Come to the Academy Cambridge or the Lounge Chelmsford

The highlight of my first year was meeting in the Academy (Cambridge – Helmore ground floor). It’s everything you need; a relaxing scene where you can get involved in arts and crafts, movie marathons and quiz’s but also sing your heart out at karaoke, read poetry and lip sync for your life!

If you’re a Chelmsford student, head up to the first floor in Tindal to experience everything the Lounge has to offer! Including the award winning Sirens Kiss cocktail!

3. Break the mould

University is the first real opportunity I had to reinvent myself. Be the person I wanted to be; be a rep, volunteer, be more confident externally than I could ever be internally and Freshers is the prime time to get yourself ahead of the game. Be you, be whatever you decide you want to be.

4. Give it a Go

The Students’ Union run these one off activities to ensure that you can get involved no matter how hectic your schedule may be! If you’re a Gryffindor, if you’re a sightseer or even if you’re a Creative Mind. Take a look on our website of all the things going on this semester and GIAG.

5. Love yourself

Freshers week is tough, it’s the most amazing time of year, but Freshers flu is not a myth. It will find you. Be prepared. Snooze your alarm once more, drink plenty of water, be aware of your body and what works for you. Keep yourself safe, keep yourself healthy and keep yourself active.

Have an amazing Freshers and an amazing year!

Jamie x


Maya Yordanova
7:29pm on 20 Sep 16 And JOIN A CLUB OR A SOCIETY! We have pretty much everything!
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