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Top ten tips for your campaign

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  1. Get buy-in
    Get others to buy into your campaign. Get them involved in a video or something so they want to share it round for you.

  2. Use consistent branding
    Pick a couple of colours and fonts and stick with them on everything you do - photos, videos, manifesto, posters etc. Think of a simple tag line to put on everything. Something easy and catchy that includes your name so people can’t forget it when they go to vote. You need to get your name and face everywhere - this is often more important than a good manifesto!
  3. Be realistic 
    Don’t promise people the world. Remember - if you do get elected, you will be held to account on your manifesto. Aim high but don’t say something you know you can’t deliver. I.e. “If you vote for me I will make sure everyone gets Friday’s off!"
  4. Summarise
    Most students will not sit and read a lot of text. You need to pick out a handful of key points, learn them and get your campaign team to learn them. You can then have a more detailed version of your ideas on a website/blog/etc for those who want it.
  5. Rope your friends in
    Get a good and varied campaign team. Where possible you need people from different areas of student life- or at least people who know these other groups! Word of mouth is very important and they could help campaign for you if you're not around
  6. Don’t worry, be happy!
    Don’t be put off during the first day when you’ve realised you haven’t had the courage to speak to anyone at all.... it is really, really hard to get that first one over and done with but you will get used to it and it will get super easy. You might even enjoy it.
  7. SMILE
    It’s really important to smile at everyone, especially to those who don’t know you. Get people engaged in conversation straight away. Ask lots of questions and follow their lead. “What do you think about this? How about if this changed? What would you change about the university?” If they are really keen and want to know everything about why you’re running then tell them. If they’re not- don’t force anything on them, keep it quick.
  8. Play nice
    Be nice to the other candidates. It’s stressful for everyone so be fair. Having these guys on your good side will be a big support for you. You also don’t want students picking up on a bad atmosphere- and they will. It will affect how they look at you and could lose you important votes.
  9. Be YOU
    Be personable. Make sure people see you as a real person with real reasons you want to be elected, not just a face with loads of words on a poster. You can have the best ideas in the world, if people don’t connect with you as a real person then those ideas start to lose value so be honest and don't pretend you know everything.
  10. Spend, spend, spend!
    Use your budget. Candidates are often reluctant to spend their campaigns budget, it's free money- use it! On sweets, badges, tshirts- whatever you can think of to get some attention and make your name unforgettable.



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