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Elections 101 with your Activities Officer (Chelmsford)

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Running in the elections

What made you run in the SU Elections?

As an International students being far away from home made me want to assist International students feel at home while studying, so I firstly ran for the position of International Rep, at the end of this position I felt like I needed to do more to make ARU a diverse community. So I ran for the position of Activities Officer, a full-time officer.

What was your favourite part of running in the Elections?

My favourite part of the election was seeing a huge number of students coming out to vote for me, and the joy knowing that the students still wanted me to represent them.

What was most challenging?

Getting people to vote for me and convincing them I would represent them very well and prioritise their needs. Campaigning is really not an easy task!

What would you say to someone who wasn’t sure if they should run or not?

No matter your gender, race, belief or cultural background you are unique in your own way so if you believe you can represent other students then trust me they will vote for your good will. The SU is here to guide you on how to make that your dream a reality.

Being an officer

What has been the best bit about being an officer?

Being seen as a mentor and a role model to other students. Developing charity skills which is being used to make the lives of other students a precious one, by investing time and resources to enable them achieve their career goals whilst at university.

What has been the funniest part of your SU journey so far?

Knowing that I have to be everywhere at the same time i.e. having 3 different meetings in my calendar scheduled for the same time in 3 different locations.

What has been the most unexpected part of the role?

Planning a big event for the first time within 2 weeks, I thought it would never be a reality because it has never been celebrated before but at the end it was a successful event (Black History Month Celebration).

What has been the most challenging part of being an officer?

Trying to secure a visa for the job knowing fully well I am the first ever International Officer from Black Minority Ethnic group to run for office.

Would you do anything differently if you could start your year again? If so, what?

Putting more interest in all affairs of the SU not only focusing on my role as Activities Officer but having more knowledge about the different departments in the SU and how it is linked to making my role effective, and the better I will be in my job performance. “Information is key”.

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