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A day in the life of the SU President

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Monday morning, roll into the Office and greet all of the beautiful staff team and Officers who are on the same campus as me today, log on to my computer and glance through any unread emails, flag some up and check my calendar for the day. Grab a coffee.


Meet with Matt, our Chief Executive, to touch base and offer each other any support needed for the week ahead, and catch up on last week. Today we’re talking about and preparing for the Trustee Board meeting we have on Thursday, it’s a big one!


Assemble with the Officers and head up to our monthly meeting with the Vice Chancellor. This is where we update each other on recent activity and potentially ask for any support. There’s an interesting agenda this month with all of the current ideas students have submitted on our website. We’re talking graduation ceremonies and fees, getting a permanent bar in Cambridge and filling him in on our big Mental Health campaign “Let’s Be Honest” (ie; lobbying for more mental health services for students!)


Walk over to MAB to see our Tea and Hot Chocolate Society collaborating with Coffee Lovers and Society of Anime, Socialising and Gaming on a Charity Bake Sale, take some pictures and post on Facebook to encourage students to head over!


LUNCH! Gather as many people as possible to have lunch with in the Student Lounge and have some chill time.


Straight after lunch we go into USG (Union Steering Group) where Matt and I take turns to Chair, today is my turn. It’s normally a lot longer but with Elections, Global Week, SU Awards and Made a Difference Awards fast approaching we had to cut it short. This is where staff offer specific support to the Officers with our campaigns and as a collective we ensure we are all working towards our Strategic Plan.


I’ve got a spare half an hour to take a final look through the Board of Governors papers for next week, having written my thoughts and any questions prepared for the meeting.


Head back to my computer with Megan, our Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator to catch up on my campaigns and objectives. Today we’re polishing off the Strategic Partnership Agreement first draft for my Representation in Sport campaign and setting up a survey and webpage to consult with students on new social space available!


Have one more look at any urgent emails and potentially send a motivational email to all staff and Officers wishing them a fabulous week, pack up my things and head home to make dinner and to get ready for another day!


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