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Safer Taxis Scheme

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Safer Taxis Scheme Safer Taxis Scheme

One of my #dreamteam priorities this year is to start a Safer Taxis Scheme – it’s widely done up and down the country and ridiculous that we haven’t got one here yet.

In a nutshell, this is what a Safer Taxis Scheme is:

  1. Student in a difficult situation/doesn’t have any money at the moment rings for a taxi
  2. Student uses their student card for payment, receives receipt from taxi driver
  3. Taxi driver returns card to university the next day, receives payment from institution
  4. Student pays institution for their card back

There’s more to it than that though – there are differences across schemes other unis/unions use. For instance…

Should there be a cap on fares/distance?

Should one person be able to use their own card for all if it’s a group journey?

Is there a particular taxi company you like that is safe/reliable that we should partner with to run the scheme?

Should it just be for those that need it in an emergency or should any student be able to use the scheme if they want?

Or anything else you can think of…

This campaign is literally all about your safety, it makes sense that you should have a say in how it’s set up - so leave a comment below!


Kat Younger
2:36pm on 19 Dec 16 Hi Brian! Thanks so much for your feedback! I've been looking into distance/fare caps as a means, it's something I've heard mentioned from other students, too. About the student cards, some unis allow students to use their ID or passport in the place of student cards, but have to quote your SID or a password confirming you're a student at that university. In the event of theft... that's not a scenario I've considered yet. I'll look into it.
Brian Tyrrell
7:34pm on 4 Dec 16 This is such a good idea. There is potential for abuse of the system for non-emergency reasons, but the safety of thousands of students is worth it. I have so many friends who have been in situations where they needed to get home from somewhere but were scared to walk because suddenly plans changed and they would be on their own. To dissuade abuse, maybe limit passengers to 4, or 5, or have an additional fee for each person in the taxi beyond the original student. Also, what if a student doesn't have their student card? (For example, they're at an event and their wallet/purse/bag is stolen).
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