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10 reasons you should join the International Society

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Excitement, nervous, anxiety… all sort of feelings come around at once. No matter how old you are, university life is still a university life. You’re either carrying notes, key text books, Ipad or laptop around the university and start being a student again. You’re going to face the most fear in every students- Deadlines. Yes, you will get lazy eventually, not attending lectures or workshops because you think that you could handle it yourself, or in another case: You rather sleep or watch Netflix in your dorm.

Can’t be bothered“, you said. This is the life you’ve been longing for, far away from home and being just on yourself. Apart from the part the prep meal and house chores, you can always hang out with friends and yes, drinking part and clubbing. Hangover has become a routine for every Thursday morning and weekend. Joining societies? Nah. Who cares, waste of time and boring. Or some of you might give in other reasons: “Studies come first”, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t see any benefits in it”, “Volunteering won’t help me with my studies”, “I can’t get paid for that“.

WELL, I used to be a someone like this. Being  a student definitely not something easy, I totally agree, and some of you might have opinions but that’s fine- everyone has your own mind thinking about what they really want and you’re free around to make your own choice. But I guess, it’s time to share my thoughts around, as sharing is caring so I should share this out if this could help someone out, someone who are too afraid to stand out for themselves, someone that is waiting for a little push, a little help.

I was just an ordinary girl when I first came to UK, that was a first for someone who was only 19 years old being alone standing on this mysterious land. For a person that had never done any house chores, not to mention- I didn’t even cooked when I was back home. I knew it wasn’t easy, but I learnt it one by one. From a person who’s afraid to step out from the room, become a person that could walk back and forth everywhere, taking train, bus, underground and even made it myself to take the flight for the first time. Juggling between studies and working definitely not easy, I’ve sacrificed most of my time that I should have just enjoyed and have fun ( I did have fun for a couple of months), but focus on my own future and long-term goals.

I have a couple of work experiences and not to forget the part, I met great people. They’ve helped me to understand myself, being really friendly and I started to feel that I’m actually stepping out from my own comfort zone and growing up. As a selective introvert (In case you don’t know, you should read ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain), I started my own social network and sharing my ideas- that also explains why I’ve become a President of International Society.

International Society is a society that always welcome everyone to join, no matter you’re international or home based- This is the International Society. The main reason why this society has been set up is to help each others keeping the connection and also building new connections. You might think that: “Oh, you know what, forget about it, I’ll do that when I finish my Uni.” This is the part that I strongly disagree. Life isn’t just about focusing on your present but it is a game that full of strategies, strategies that you have to look into a long-term goal and I mean it. I wish someone could tell me this earlier. There are few researches been carried out that generation Y has assumed that working life is easy, hence they put on the high expectations and they quit the job when it hasn’t met their own requirements. Lacking of patience is the worst enemies, being too confident is even worst. Academics is important, but certainly not the only thing that can help you to achieve your dreams, goals. Everyone tends to forget that skills are important too!

One: Network Building


You get to meet people around the world and start building your networks even before you graduate.

Two: Learning and understand cultures.

You get to learn about everyone cultures, knowing and understanding each others could have helped you in certain ways! (Festivals, norm values, food, also in your studies and work!)

Three: Develop new skills.

You will always have a platform to express your ideas and thoughts- training your communication skills!

Four: Long term personal development.

If you’re active enough, you will have the chance to organise events or forums, training your management skill, team building skill and etc (Gain skills and get deployable).

Five: Friendship forever.

You will never feel desolate again and you know that there are always a bunch of people to be your rock, and be there when you need (Whether you are walking home post-celebrations or after a weekly meet in the evening, there will always be another member around for you to head home with and keep you safe).

Six: Work-life balance.

You will learn how to manage your time well in order to being active in studies and co-curricular activities (It’s actually proven that over 75% of students who took part in student activities completed their degree with a good honours).

Seven: Open opportunities- Travelling?!

We’re an open-minded society which we always welcome everyone with new ideas- you can get to find someone who has the same interest with you and have fun! We are pretty flexible to collaborate with any societies for activities, and yes travelling too!

Eight: Chillax!

Diving into your studies can sometimes leave you feeling a little bit frazzled. Combine this with being stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily routine and you can suddenly get quite stressed.

Nine: Leadership.

Leadership comes in way. Running for a position is a great experience, even if you don’t get the position. And if you do, you will learn so much about being a leader, which is a great thing to talk about in future job interviews.

Ten: Last but not least- HAVE FUN!


I am glad and blessed that I realised all these before I graduated. The great opportunity has fallen and becoming a president alongside with my part-time work and studies, it’s not easy and there are times I swear I wanted to quit. Eventually, I still keep going and walking. As an international student, of course there are times you have to go through the depressing moments, or sometimes you might actually having homesick. Also, you’re totally clueless that what you should do and where to get an actual help. All I could say that is to stand out, you are the best you can be. I couldn’t say that I’m all saint myself without using any help, and indeed I’m happy that I have great mentors and friends giving me supports and infinite love- and I’m still learning. I have never regret my choice, and I’m happy for what I am today!

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Dorcas Akingbade
11:29am on 8 Feb 17 Ashley, you are one in thousand please keep it up. long live international society
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