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Guest Speaker Series Continues

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Kelly, Joe and Artur with Professor Tony Young

The ParaSoc guest speaker series continued last week with Professor Tony Young delivering an exciting and intriging look into technology and how it is changing the National Health Service as we know it. 

We were given a look into the future possibilies of technology within the prehospital setting, including the chance for a 'stroke ambulance'. This is equipped with a CT scanner, in which a suspected stroke patient could be scanned prehospitally, have the pictures sent to the stroke unit or hospital and have their verdict given. If it is discovered that they are having a stroke the treatment can be given in the back of the ambulance on the way to definitive care. This is a brilliant and potentially life saving future possibility. 

Professor Young told us about many other projects that are being discovered such as GPS asthma pumps which show where people are using their inhalers out and about, allowing them to detect possible routes to avoid for example places where they use their it regularly or air polution etc, also realistic medical apps available on smart phones to practice surgery and much much more. 

Can we take this oppoutunity to thank Professor Tony Young for his exciting talk and also to all of you, members and non-members alike who attended the talk. We really hope you enjoyed it and that you are as excited for the future as we are, it certainly seems like it will be bright for us as we progress into our profession.




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