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Staying Healthy during Freshers Week with Kat

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Hi I'm Kat, I'm your Welfare Officer. You are always the number one priority, so make sure you look after yourself and your friends.

  1. Put Yourself First
    Make self-care a priority, and by that I mean really listen to yourself and do what you need to do. You might have an intense case of FOMO (fear of missing out) – I had that as a fresher too, and you should be wanting to get out there and experience everything you can… but don’t feel like you have to do every single thing. Find yourself some peace & quiet, make some tea, a good meal and r e l a x. You’ll feel much better afterwards and waaay more energised when you’re getting back into the swing of things!
  2. Join a society
    Starting uni is a stressful time, but sometimes self-care (see above) can mean pushing yourself and getting out there even if you’re a little nervous, because deep down you know you’ll enjoy it - and the best way to do that is joining a society. Whether it’s finally starting that new hobby, doing something completely different or just wanting to find people with common ground and have a chat, it’s all waiting for you here, and I promise you it’s never as scary as you think. After all, we don’t regret the choices we do make not half as much as the ones we never make.
  3. Hydrate yourself!
    It’s important to keep yourself hydrated. It’s true, you’ll hear it literally all the time – yawn – but it’s solid advice. If you’re hungover, you’ll need to replenish your fluids and even if you’re teetotal, there’s no excuse. It’ll keep you feeling fresher and getting into a healthy habit before term starts never hurt anyone, probably.
  4. Down with the Homesickness
    You’re in a brand new place, away from literally everyone you’ve ever known. No matter how excited you are, there’s a part of you that misses home, and that’s completely fine. In fact, it’s expected. When I came to uni, it seemed much more like a trip away for a few months and then I’d be back… but talking to my family about all my new experiences meant they were around even when they weren’t, which made me feel heaps better about making new friends. Take a minute to ring home – there’s nothing like hearing a familiar voice, and no doubt your friends and family will be missing you too!


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