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Precious Shares Her Top Freshers Tips

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Hello I'm Precious, I'm one of your elected students and I take the role of Activities Officer in Chelmsford. All of you are unique in your own way and that is special. Here's my advice to you...

Stand out from the crowd

Have the confidence to be unique and the strength to let your individuality shine by generating admiration and being someone special and worthy of looking up to. My goal to stand out from the crowd is not only getting a degree after graduation like every other student, but also to gain unique skills such as employability skills by engaging in various volunteering activities that the Students’ Union organise. “Remember, you are unique in your own way”.

Never give up

The test we face in life’s journey is not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. You can only know how strong you are when you strive and thrive beyond the challenges you face. The Students’ Union works closely with the university to help you go through those challenges, we have qualified professional student advisers who are well equipped and have resources to help you overcome the challenges you face. “Small stars still light up big skies”.

Attend global week

Internationalisation is a key feature of ARU Students’ Union agenda. We embrace the principles of inclusion and globalisation. Global Week is organised once a year and provides a great opportunity where home students and international students come together to celebrate and learn different cultures. That week students are keen to learn about your culture, it may be your dress code or language or dance steps or food “just get involved and meet amazing new friends”.

The Students’ Union is your first contact

ARU Students’ Union makes you feel at home while studying at university, we are here for you right from the first day you come into the university (induction day) until you graduate. We’re very approachable, we’ll help you fit into the education culture and create a positive environment for learning. Always keep in contact with us “Achieving your goals is our priority”.


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