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Leigh's Tips for Settling into Uni Life

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Hey I'm Leigh, your President. These have been some of my favourite things and I recommend them to you.

Attend the Freshers’ Fair!

Make the most of having all of the clubs and societies, sports teams, volunteering service, university services and local town all in one place. You will walk away from the fair with a bag full of freebies and an overload of fun stuff to do in your first year! Don’t hold back ;)

Think about being a rep

You can be the person who your course mates count on to be the voice of your first year education. You will grow as a leader and have honest and frank conversations with university staff to make sure yours and your peers experience is up to scratch. Who knows, you could end up being the next President of the SU…

Start a society!

If you can’t find a society that tickles your fancy – start up your own! From a course based society like the Paramedic Society, to an interest based society like Cheerleading, all societies are student-led so you have all the power to build an empire of friends with a shared interest.

Tell us what you like…

Throughout the year we run different night time and day time events and activities to try and make university live up to its name as the best years of your life… but we aren’t psychic! We value your opinions – tell us what events and activities you want and what change you would like to see by submitting an idea on our website at:


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