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Jamie's Uni Survival Tips

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Hi I'm Jamie, I'm one of your elected students and I take the role of Activities Officer in Cambridge. I was a Fresher last year, so here are a few tips from me to you...

Organise yourself

I’m always attached at the hip to my planner and I’m so thankful. Everything I needed to do is written down and I feel so much more relaxed knowing I have my day planned instead of panicking about if I’ve forgotten a meeting or a lecture. If you really want to keep it organised, colour code it! It’s so easy to keep an organiser now, just save all your appointments in your phone and you’ll never leave it at home.


You might find yourself being weighed down under the responsibilities you have; your degree, a job, having a social life, it all takes its toll. It’s easy to forget that your wellbeing is a massive part of successfully balancing all of these things and taking some time to enjoy yourself should be something rooted into your day to day processes. You don’t need to be out and about constantly but getting out in the fresh air, reading a book, joining a society or attending an event in the Academy (Cambridge) or the Lounge (Chelmsford) are all things that you can do to help relieve the stresses we are all far too familiar with. Give it a Go... I promise it’s worth it. 

Do great things

Achievements are subjective and it’s important to remind yourself of that. For some people climbing Everest will be an achievement, for other people it’s having time for breakfast before they’re out the door. Do great things, do your own great things and reward yourself for them. Never underestimate how important the little things you do are to keeping yourself motivated.

Everyone is in the same boat

I know you’ve probably heard it a hundred times already but every single person who has gone to university has been in the same position as you and it’s okay. All the people that you’ve seen moving in, the loud ones, the quiet ones, they’re all in the same boat as you, so why not have a chat about your common interests? Talk about how you haven’t found a decent takeaway yet, or that you haven’t found a society you’re keen on yet, meet someone else who agrees and start that society! First year is your year to walk past each other and say hi! It’s hard to put yourself out there but your student experience starts right now, make the most of it.


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