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Exam Stress

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Hands up who has ever stressed about exams. Even if only a tiny bit. For most of us, exams are the most pressurised times of our lives. 
Everyone has bad days, but sometimes our stress levels can get out of hand especially when stress rears its ugly head in exams. What if something goes wrong with the computer you're using, disruption from other students or unexpected delays to the exam... What do you do?

At the time the problems happen

  • Let the invigilator know you have a problem and ask for any help you need (for example if you have a computer problem you may need an IT technician or to move to another computer)
  • You may want to ask for extra time in the exam if your time has been compromised by these issues
  • If you are unable to get the help you need ask the invigilator to record this and record it yourself on the front of your exam paper

At the end of the exam

  • Ask the invigilator to record what happened on their report
  • Ask for the invigilator’s name
  • If anybody else in the exam has had similar problems to yourself ask their name
  • Let your personal tutor and Faculty Student Adviser know what happened as soon as possible after the exam and follow it up with an email summing up the problems you have had

If you think your performance in the exam has been affected

  • See your Faculty Student Adviser as soon as possible following the exam and ask about mitigation
  • Come and see your Students’ Union Adviser for advice and support

Good luck! 


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