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Changes to Anglia Ruskin University Complaints Procedure

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At the beginning of December all registered ARU students received an email about changes to the University Complaints Procedure. You may have seen this pop up in your inbox?


The Anglia Ruskin University Student Complaints Procedure can be used by students for complaints about poor educational experience, maladministration, discrimination on the part of the University or other situations where a student has had a poor experience due to mistakes made by the university.


Both systems, old and new, have a built in requirement for students to try to resolve matters informally, and our Advice team is experienced in helping students with this. The vast majority of students complaints are dealt with in this way and this has been praised and recognised by the OIA and others as good practice.  


However, if the issue can’t be resolved informally, students can submit (with the help of SU Advice if they wish) a formal complaint which will be investigated by Senior University staff, this process takes into account whether the student has tried to resolve the issue.


If the university complaints process has not been able to resolve a complaint to the student’s satisfaction the complainant can choose to take it to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) for review. The OIA is an independent body, set up to deal with student complaints which can’t be resolved at university level. The OIA has published a Framework for Good Practice which is used when they consider any student complaints which they are asked to adjudicate on.


Anglia Ruskin changed their complaints process with effect from December 1st 2016 to ensure it adheres to the OIA framework and emailed all students to let them know about these changes. We have supported these changes in line with the OIA’s framework. The changes will ensure that a student using the complete procedure should have a swifter conclusion to their complaint.   


Please note it is not a requirement for students to use the SU Advice team, they can use the complaints system independently.  


Further information about the complaints process and other student rules, regulations and procedures can be found here.


Students’ Union Advice can offer you free, confidential, independent advice about any academic or experience concerns.



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