Why Poverty?

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This month the BBC and more than 70 broadcasters around the world will launch a series of documentaries devoted to global deprivation.

The series is called Why Poverty and the first episode concentrates on child birth and infant mortality. It is aptly entitled: Four Born Every Second. It mainly focuses on individuial families from America, Sierra Leone and the world over. It opens with graphic images of women in labour to shocking scenes of blood, at one point a doctor even cuts out a dead baby from the womb. It sounds like a horror movie, however, it is in fact the reality. There is a segment of the film that is truely heart wrenching, where a boy is crying for all he could have been, buyt has to look after his mother and sisters, has to scavage in order to survive. 

It is a heart breaking and an exhausting documentary, but it raises important questions about poverty. One doctor from Medecins Sans Frontiere (Doctor without Bordors), who is working in Seirra Leone, raises very important points- redistribution of wealth.


I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what they are studying, but mostly importantly to those studying Social Policy.






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