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Announcing RC Wreckfest

Engineering Society Chelmsford

diy rc car

For far too long engineering was the only major subject not to have any student club but that’s all changed with the new Engineering Society. We are here and starting off strong launching our very first event RC Wreckfest, a three-stage competition to design, build and race your own RC car. 

The first stage is design where teams give a presentation on their plans for their RC racer, everything from hardware choices to design aesthetics. teams will then vote on whose design is the best in terms of: 

  • novelty 

  • style 

  • comprehensiveness 

  • completeness 

The second stage, the build competition will be judged on the robustness of your racer as well as your teams' ability to keep on budget and schedule. 

practical tests 

  • off-road test 

  • handling test 

  • aerodynamics, could potentially test in wind tunnel 

  • acceleration test 

project management 

  • ambition 

  • completeness 

  • on budget 

  • on schedule 

last but certainly not least the race stage, races are full contact, and weapons (within reason) are allowed, and creativity is encouraged. 

Stage 1 

A series of bracket 1v1 style races to see whose racer is king in a dual. 

Stage 2 

first to 20 laps in a mad max style free for all that only the toughest fastest racers can take. 


If your excited to take part in the RC Wreckfest, you can find the club details here or on the student union website. Joining the engineering society is only a £3.60 club fee for a whole year's access.