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Just coping isn't enough 

Starting uni, buying food, figuring out where to live next year, making friends with people you're going to spend the next 3 years with, keeping up with assignments, feeling too hungover to do lectures, realising that your course is not what you thought it was?

When I started uni two years ago I received a piece of advice from a friend who was in their second year. "My brother gave me this advice so I'm going to give it to you too. Izzy, at some point you will find yourself, hungry, naked, alone on the floor asking yourself why did I pick this degree"

"But it's okay, don't worry"

Mental health. Mental health crisis. We all know about it, we are the generation of the mental health crisis. We grew up in a world where we thought we weren't enough and here we are. At uni it's easy to lose a grip of what's important, priorities get muddled with a mass of worries and hope for a future. Our minds start spiralling; the essay we did got a lower grade than expected, our friend turned out to not be who we thought they were, places that were safe are no longer safe. Even waking up every day now feels like a chore. Facing the day seems impossible. And the never ending thought of feeling like we are not enough is the massive petrol tank on our self-sabotaging bonfire.

So what do we do?

We post on social media, hoping to fake it till we make it receiving the fast food equivalent to acceptance and self-worth. But it doesn't last.

So we sleep or we hide from reality, and keep chucking petrol on the bonfire.

What if it was different? What if we woke up, and actually got out of bed. Or, what if we actually enjoyed getting up. How different would that life be? I want you to let go of that dream. It's not a dream, it's a living reality; and it could be your reality. It is something that is more possible than you think. Our own wellbeing is always our top priority. So if you feel hungry, tired or overwhelmed drop us a message night or day. We are here to listen, buy you a coffee, and whatever the problem is, we will sort it together.

Now is the time to start talking. Now is the time for your voice to be heard. That's why we are running a mental health campaign to make sure that everyone at ARU stops just coping and starts living. To start the conversation, we are creating an art piece to put in the SU and we need your help to do it. It will be a mass of your thoughts, feelings and what your journey with mental health is. Email us at to submit your part. Can be a paragraph or a sentence. Send it BEFORE that small voice in your head tells you we don't want to hear it, or that your voice is not important; kick it to the curb, it's time to let us love you.



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