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"My top tip for new ARU London students"

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Hello and welcome to ARU London, our campus in Farringdon is quite small yet the lecturer's available are awesome.


To get the best out of your lectures I would strongly recommend being brave enough to ask questions and and also be brave enough to ask lecturer's for feedback on your assignment draft.  


As I'm about to approach my third year what I have found is that when I ask for feedback on my assignments I must be willing to leave my ego behind and listen to the advice offered by the lecturers. As much as sometimes the feedback seems negative,  I have found that when I take on board the criticism and feedback it improves the grades I receive on my assignment.


So my top tip is to embrace the help of your lecturers and to improve the quality of your work by following their feedback. 


Be Brave, aim for a first class degree.


Umran Bashir - Course Rep of the Month (ARU London)


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