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"It's Adebisi Sasi, your Vice President 2021 – 2022, that feels so good to say..."

I didn’t know I smile so much like a Cheshire Cat, a very fabulous one should I add...

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Image of Adebisi Sasi in Cambridge


Hello everyone, it's Adebisi Sasi your Vice President 2021 – 2022, that feels so good to say. I have an informative summary of how my journey has flourished so far, before I go into details, I want to let all student know I will be transparent and stay engaged with you through my term, because I want your voices heard. Now let me inform you on all the exciting things have been doing with the most incredible and supportive team EVER….. 


First official day, I was in Cambridge Campus, I have to say thanks team for informing me ahead that I need to wear comfortable shoes. Walking all around the campus was very exciting, and Cambridge is stunning. I met up with the Student Union Teams, and the 2021-2022 officers. Overall, we shall name this day PAPERWORKS, however the team made it FUN. The excitement of the day was meeting everyone and learning how to use a Microsoft laptop.  


Photoshoot Day, if you don’t know, Adebisi Sasi love a selfie, but best believe I didn’t know I smile so much like a Cheshire Cat, a very fabulous one should I add. The Team we officially had our best pose and trying to get the best angles. Time in Cambridge was coming to an end and London am proud to let you know we had an officer Jenga Game I didn’t lose; did I win? Well let’s play a game. 


Official first time in Farringdon, after the trip to Cambridge. Now this was a big deal, and I must thank Sorin for making this possible. I met up with the principal, now your girl was feeling pretty good. Farringdon is central was my first reaction and seeing those lecture rooms without student in them made me sad, but better to be safe than sorry right? Met up with the Student Union Team in London, brilliant team, very excited to work with everyone. Highlight was Farringdon University campus, Sushi with the Principal, and the team. 


Been the Vice President of ARUL means training and a lot of training. The team keep it fun, which I think was extremely thoughtful and supportive. Met up with some Top-Level Student Union Team, who were extremely down to earth. 


Residential Week it’s my favourite week so far. You may ask why it was so exciting? Because we saw a Helicopter. I know impressive!! I will be uploading that selfie later. If you not connected with me on social media, don’t miss out come let us connect. Residential was a lot of Team Bonding moment, lots of competitive moments. Team London we had Drop the Egg challenge and didn’t make a mess of it. We built a Tower and won.  Highlight of the residential, “6 Officers One Heartbeat “and that means so much to me, because together we can achieve more. 



Back to the office now, and its more training, more Human Resources Training and my highlight is writing this summary of an incredible journey so far, never a dull moment and my advice Lets Stay connected.  


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