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Town Hall May 2023 Summary Points

Vice President in Farringdon Campus, London

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Reflecting on the January 2023 trimester

- The Leavers Ball was a fantastic event celebrating our students’ achievements.

- The Founders Festival was also a great success, allowing students to learn more about starting a business and interacting with companies from overseas.

-The International event organised by the Students’ Union showcased the diverse cultural presence at ARU London, with great food and a lively atmosphere.

- The upcoming SU Awards was rescheduled for 30th May because of the strike.

- SES and CES results/student feedback on our surveys was mostly positive.

- The new PG courses, including LLM, MSc in Finance and Accounting, and MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management have been approved.

- The Law Society had great activities, such as Parliament trips, and we hope to organise more trips like these in the future.

Plans for next trimester 

-  Some fantastic up-to-date curriculums for UG and PG students will be implemented.

- The Creative Council is a brand-new initiative for our current students.

If you're interested in a future career in media or you're a social media content creator, listen up. We’re looking for students to help our awesome social media team create content for our social media channels and digital adverts. Not only will students participating in the programme get paid for their hard work, but you’ll also be able to reference your creative council work on your CV. Leading to bigger and better opportunities in the future. If you think you’ve got what it takes, fill out this quick form and register your interest today!

- Law Clinic and Sage workshop are in working progress

Q £ A

Will my classes be on the same day as I move to the next level of my course?

When moving from level 3 to 4, class schedules may change but efforts are made to keep the same day. However, this is not guaranteed and students are notified as soon as possible. 

Is my degree recognised internationally?  

Our degrees are recognised internationally, providing students with opportunities for global recognition. 

What are the employability awards?

Employability awards will soon offer students various opportunities to engage with employability services. In addition, graduating students are encouraged to review the recruitment services we provide for a range of great job opportunities.

Why has information regarding student finance been moved onto the live chat/online?

All student finance information has been moved online for time efficiency and improved communication with SFE. The aim is to enhance services for students, but we will monitor this to make sure this is effective.

When will we receive our results? 

17th June, results from this past round of exams will be released online.

When does the attendance bursary get paid to students? 

The last week of June is when this will enter your account if you are eligible.

What date do we resume in September?

 3rd week of September is when the next trimester will begin. 


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