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Statement from VP Adebisi Sasi on Ukraine

ARU London Students’ Union wants to extend its support to students and staff affected by the situation

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Vice President Adebisi wearing a blue ARU t-shirt

With the continuation of aggression in Ukraine, ARU Students’ Union wants to extend its support to students and staff affected by the situation; we recognise this is a difficult time for many of our students and staff.  We understand that concern for your family, friends, and homes may be affecting your wellbeing and academics. We want you to know we are here to listen and support you through the hard times. Here at ARU London Students' Union, we understand the knock-on negative impact this political issue may have on you; we urge you to please reach out.

Students from these countries, your Students’ Union is thinking of you and sending all support.  We urge you to reach out to the ARU Wellbeing Support Services from Student Advice on how we can support you. You can also reach out to your Students’ Union Advice Team, who can help if your studies are being affected or if you need further support.

Whatever worries, fears, or uncertainties you may be facing, staff at ARU London and ARU London Students’ Union are here to support you. The University is currently prioritising students from affected countries on this matter.

To all our ARU London students: please check on your fellow students, giving them moral support. You may also feel fearful or anxious, and we know you may also find this period of turbulence difficult. Please be reminded that no form of harassment or hate speech towards other people or cultures will be tolerated. Let’s be open to kind and understanding conversations and remember “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding”.

If there is anything else that you would find supportive at this time, please do reach out to us.


Thank you,

Adebisi Sasi

Vice- President of ARU London Students’ Union



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