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Looking after your mental wellbeing

Top tips to help manage your mental health

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Your mental wellbeing matters to us. As individuals we all face difficulties on a day-to-day basis, and we would like to encourage you to get the right support to manage your mental health. University can be a busy time, and if you are also working and caring for your family, looking after yourself can be hard.

You can start off by taking small steps to look after yourself and your emotions. Here are a few tips:

5 minute self-care

  • Make a cup of coffee and enjoy it
  • Talk to a friend (or send a text)
  • Cuddle a pet
  • Focus on your breathing, and breathe deeply

15 minute self-care

  • Listen to your favourite songs
  • Stretch your muscles:
    • Bear Hug
    • Neck stretches
    • Seated forward bend
  • Do a guided meditation

30 minute self-care

  • Take a power nap
  • Go for a drive or a walk
  • Try out a quick recipe
  • Take a relaxing bath

60 minute self-care

  • Read your favourite novel
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Watch an episode of your favourite tv show
  • Invite a friend for coffee

If you would like more specialised support, please contact one of the following support services below. If you are uncertain about what support you need, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will signpost you to the relevant organisation.


Students’ Union Advice Service

The SU Advice service offers a confidential and safe space for you to talk about any mental health issues and will support you in accessing external and internal support services.



ARU London Counselling and Wellbeing

Whether you are experiencing a personal, social or emotional difficulty the wellbeing department is here to support you. They offer a range of services which includes:

  1. Access to a Student Wellbeing Advisor
  2. Access to a Disability and Inclusion Officer
  3. Access to a Counsellor
  4. Wellbeing Workshops



Advice and support for young people (under 35) who feel suicidal.

HopeLineUK: 08000 684 141
Text: 07860 039 967


Mental health support, available 24 hours

National Number: 116123
Local Office: 01189266333




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