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How to be an inspiring leader

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Let me start by welcoming everyone to ARU London; the best university in the world. I want to congratulate all our new students for securing a place at ARU London and making a positive step into higher education.


My name is Oluwadamilare Ojewande and I am a student leader.




What does it mean to be a student leader?

A student leader is any student who takes on the responsibility of spreading knowledge through inspiration and campaigns. A student leader strives to change the world by starting with their own community.

What are the qualities a student leader should have?

·        Self Confidence.

·        Humility

·        Self awareness.

·        Trustworthiness.

·        Authenticity.

·        Extraversion.

·        Assertiveness.

·        Enthusiasm, optimism, and warmth.


Why is leadership important for students?

It is important for students to gain leadership experience during their education in order to learn how to build successful working relations within teams and achieving tasks effectively. It is also an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills. But most importantly for my role as Vice President, it is about listening to the voice of our students and working to create positive change here at ARU London.

It all started in 2018 when I nominated myself for the post of Vice President at ARUL standing against 15 different candidates. Fortunately for me, I won and was elected the Vice President (ARU London) and took up my post in July 2018.

I was inspired by a great business man called Bill Gates, despite the challenges of life he stayed focus and today his name is known all over the world.


My key manifesto points for this academic year are:

Promoting a strong sense of togetherness on the campus through social media

Promoting the rights and welfare of students across all the campuses and above all, be approachable at all time.


After the course rep election in October, I will send emails to all the course rep informing them about our plans for the academic year and the way forward.


In October 2018, we will start our campaign and survey about how to facilitate learning and reduce any barriers to your education as requested by our students. And we intend to submit our research to the principal in first week in December.


January 2019, we will start printing posters and creating awareness for our cultural week and the business conference through social media, creating posters and going to different classes to have face to face conversation with student about how the week is going to look like and what is expected.

   MARCH 2019

Our culture week will take place in March where all our student and staff members will come together as one big family to celebrate our different culture.

I will also explore creating a special pot of money for students experiencing financial hardship.


Other information will be revealed as we get on.

 ‘’I strive to develop the mind, body and soul of our student. At the same time, I challenge them with the help of the union staff to make a difference in our world through leadership and service.’’


As a leader at ARUL it is vital to support and represent student, campaign for positive change and help students get involved with all the amazing opportunities on campus and even off-campus, representing students is a great honour as it’s extremely satisfying helping those in need.


Margarette Williams
10:53pm on 29 May 19 Thank you, very inspiring to continue to embrace the role as a student representative, in my first year in 2014, and further my interests to support student leadership responsibilities.
Oluwadamilare Adeoluwa Ojewande
10:27am on 17 Sep 18 interesting
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