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Hello newbies!

Your SU Coordinators are here to dive with you into this opportunity-filled chapter of your life.

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Hey newbie, welcome to ARU London!

It's such an exciting feeling to start something new, isn't it?

Your Students’ Union Coordinators, Izzy and Ksenia, are here to dive with you into this exciting, yet slightly nerve-wracking, opportunity-filled chapter of your life. 

This new student journey will include researching interesting topics, upskilling yourself, contributing to your future success, and making new friends. We could go on and on about how valuable student life is going to be for you.

You may come across some challenges along the way to your degree - such as tricky assignments, managing different commitments and adapting to a new rhythm of life - which is why it is so important to find a work-life balance. Our Students’ Union team will support you during your ups and downs; whether you want to get stuck into one of our projects or need advice on your course.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy everything that ARUL and studying in London has to offer. We hope your time with us will bring a bright perspective to your future!