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What are Student Impact Project Groups?

The purpose of our Project Groups is to provide some financial support to ARUL students looking to organise projects/events to the benefit of other ARUL students. Students can set up a Project Group (minimum 3 students) and apply through our website for a sum of money which goes to the Funding Committee for approval.

Who can apply for funding?

Any ARUL student can apply for funding as long as they meet the following criteria;


·        There are two other students in support of this funding request

·        You have met with a Students’ Union Coordinator to discuss the request

·        The request will positively impact other ARUL students


When considering applications the Funding Committee will consider the potential impact of the purchases to students. In any application we would encourage a project group to include as much detail as possible, and links to any specific items they are looking to purchase. If a project group is looking to run an event, we would ask for details about what the event will involve, who will be attending and when it will be taking place.


When is the funding available?

The funding will be available all year. However we recommend applying for the money as soon as possible as once it's gone, it's gone for that year. It could take up to 2 weeks for your funding application to be approved by the Funding Committee, which is made up of the following membership;

·        The ARU London Manager or nominee

·        An ARU SU Coordinator

Once funding is approved the project group will have up to 2 months to spend it, either through a member of the group spending and claiming the money back or spent through a member of SU Staff.


What can I use the funding for?
The funding is split into 8 categories. Examples of what can be applied for in each section can be seen below:


·        Affiliation/league fees – e.g. entry fee for competitions, cost of affiliation with professional bodies

·        Guest speakers– e.g. Expenses associated with bringing in guest speakers

·        Health and safety – e.g. deposit cover for students attending First Aid Training or covering the cost of a first aid kit

·        Equipment – e.g. board games for a games-based project group

·        Advertisement – e.g. costs for printing posters or for a pull up banner

·        Refreshments – e.g. costs for putting on light refreshments at a social or providing refreshments at a speaker event.

·        Travel – e.g. costs to help subsidise a trip off campus or costs for minibus fuel to take students on a trip somewhere

·        Other – This section is for all other costs not covered in any other category. For example, the cost of decorations for an event. 


Funds are allocated into these categories. If a Project Group has been allocated £100 in travel but have realised that they will not use this funding before the deadline and would like to purchase advertising material instead, they can email the relevant SU staff member who can approve moving the funds from one category to another.

We always advise that Project Groups speak to the SU Coordinator before making a purchase as we can often make the payment on behalf of the group via the Union’s accounts to make sure students don’t end up out of pocket.

If a Project Group is unable to meet the spending deadline for the funding, a student from the group should contact the relevant SU staff member to request an extension. Extension requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.


To apply for funding, click here.


All items purchased through the funding committee belong to Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union.

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is a company limited by guarantee and a charity registered in England and Wales. Registered Company No. 08064796 and Registered Charity No. 1148574. The registered office of Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is Peter Taylor House, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

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