Do you want to run a project?


What are Project Groups?

The purpose of Project Groups is to provide financial support to ARUL students who wish to organise projects/events that benefit other ARUL students. Students can set up a Project Group (with the support of at least 2 other students) and apply through our website for a sum of money. This request then goes to the Funding Committee for approval, who will contact the students with their decision within 2 weeks.

Who can apply for funding?

Any ARUL student can apply for funding as long as they meet the following criteria;

·        There are two other students in support of this funding request

·        The request will positively impact other ARUL students

.        The application is submitted at least two weeks before the event/project


When considering applications, the Funding Committee will consider the potential impact of the purchases on students. To help us do this, please include in your application as much detail as possible, and provide links to specific items you want to purchase. Likewise, if you want to run an event, we will need details about what it will involve, who will be attending and when it will be taking place.


When is the funding available?

Funding is available all year round, however we recommend applying ASAP before the fund runs out!

Once funding is approved, the project group will have up to 2 months to spend it, either through a member of the group spending and claiming the money back or spent through a member of SU Staff.

We always advise that Project Groups speak to the SU Coordinator before making a purchase, as we can often make the payment on behalf of the group via the Union’s accounts to make sure students don’t end up out of pocket.

Ready to apply?

All items purchased through the funding committee belong to Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union.


Once you are ready to fill out an application, please click on the button below: