Do you want to run a project?

The Students’ Union provides funding for students who want to organise projects and events via our Student Project Fund. Projects are a great way to bring your ideas and energy together to host events that benefit students at ARU London, and can help you develop transferable skills in:

  • Project Management 
  • Teamwork
  • Marketing
  • Communication

Students can set up a Project Group with the support of at least 2 other students, and your project must have a positive impact on ARUL students.  

You can always talk to a coordinator or officer to see where they can help with your project and risk assessments as well! 

As part of the application you will need to submit both a risk assessment and a detailed budget request. Please find the risk assesment template here and the budget request here. No funding can be approved or claimed without a completed risk assessment.

Ready to apply?!

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Project Group Fund Application

Our full Terms and Conditions

What happens next? 
Once you have submitted your project, it will be considered by a funding commitee of SU staff, who will get back to the project leader within 2 weeks.

When considering applications, please include as much detail as possible in your application. We will need details about what your event will involve, who will be attending and when it will be taking place. You should also provide links to specific items you want to purchase.

Funding will be subject to the completion of a fully detailed risk assessment and the SU can withdraw funding if a risk assessment is not completed at least 5 days prior to the event or of a necessary standard. 

How does funding work?
You can submit a project and get funding all year round, but you will only have 2 months to spend it. Purchases can either be made by a student and then reimbursed by the SU, or we can make purchases for you (so you don't end up out of pocket). We recommend speaking to a coordinator before making any purchases!

Funding Terms and Conditions

  • Students hoping to run events on or off campus must provide the SU with a risk assessment. Templates can be provided by the SU Coordinators for those who do not have one. Students must provide a detailed budget breakdown for the funding requested. Funding cannot be claimed or can be withdrawn by the SU if a risk assessment is not completed at least 5 days before the event or is not of a necessary standard.
  • A meeting with our SU staff team may be required for larger funding requests. We will contact the group leader to set this up if it is necessary.
  • Anything that the SU funds and promotes must be accessible and open to all students at ARU London. This means that any student is welcome to attend if they want too. The SU exists to support all students therefore anything that we support, and the fund must reflect that.
  • No reimbursements can be paid without proof of purchase. Only when the SU receive this proof of purchase will the approved funding amount be processed to your account.
  • If it is paying for a service, the SU will need an invoice from the company or individual. This must have a UK bank account and be compliant with HMRC regulations. We will then pay the invoice from the SU. We will no longer reimburse a student for paying the service. There is a form for self-employed people to fill out that I have saved already.
  • Paid participants must be UK tax registered.
  • Receipts much be sent within 4 weeks after the event date. Anything after this date will not be approved unless a suitable conversation has taken place to explain the late application.
  • All items purchased through the Project Group Fund belong to ARU London Students’ Union.
  • Students must clean up after the event and take down any promotional material.
  • Students must notify the SU if the event is cancelled.
  • Students must conduct themselves in a professional manner when participating in projects both on and off campus.