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Global Week 2022 brought love, warmth and the first ARUL Mastermind winner!

Global Week was full of thought-provoking, entertaining and heart-warming events

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Collage image of Global Week International Evening attendees

Last week, ARUL became a showcase of the different cultures of students and staff members. The celebration of the diversity of the ARUL community was kicked off with a 'Hello' from our students in their native languages, and vibes were lifted even higher with international beats on our exclusive Global Week playlist on Spotify.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Our students made it easier for us to find that beauty by sharing their home countries’ pictures in the photography competition. Magnificent views of flowers, nature, animals from all over the world. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the different countries then head to our Instagram page. Also, students from Romania, Spain, and Lithuania shared their fascinating traditions in Student Spotlight Videos which you can watch on the YouTube channel. 

We also crowned the first ARUL Mastermind winner! It was so much fun playing a quiz with both on-campus and remote students. The competition was high but the trophy went to the quickest thinker of the game!

Due to storm Eunice, the International Evening was transferred to online mode but it didn’t make the celebration less festive. We treated the winners of Global Week competitions with a round of applause, played an international quiz, and had plenty of laughs.

Global Week was full of thought-provoking, entertaining and heart-warming events. We learned about each other's home countries and celebrated the ARUL diversity. Despite Global Week coming to an end, may we continue to be purely interested and open-minded about each other!





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