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February SSLC updates

Since the last SSLC reps have worked hard in collecting your feedback

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Since the last student-staff liaise committee (SSLC), which was held in November, student representatives worked hard to collect feedback from their peers. Course Champions demonstrated comprehensive feedback regarding academic modules, class environment, and other vital topics.

It has been highlighted that students enjoy the majority of the lecturers’ approaches to delivering their classes and communicating with students. Meanwhile, in a response to some issues which have been reported regarding particular modules, the Heads of Schools reassured that they are doing ongoing work to improve the quality of student experiences.

Students were encouraged to complete the university survey about their experiences, which provides insights on student opinion and is a key channel for making further improvements. Students should remember that this survey is an evaluation of a module and not a lecturer.

One of the burning topics was guidance for students who did not pass their modules. Students require a clear, accessible structure on what steps they need to take if they were not successful with their results. In response, a short video providing guidance on how to resit a module will be recorded by lecturers. The university also reminded students to check relevant information about whether they passed their modules on the VLE, and that their personal development tutors should be in contact with them.

Assignment deadlines were another hot topic, with students wanting an extension of deadlines by 7-10 days. However, senior members of the university stated that dates have been set in a system and they cannot be changed. If there are any individual needs then students can apply for an extension or mitigation via the Director of Studies. Furthermore, if students want to change their timetable or course, they will need to contact the Director of Studies during the first or second week of their studies, as it becomes more difficult to apply changes after this period.

Students reported positive feedback about employability support. The university mentioned that one of the efforts that has been made in terms of enhancing career opportunities is inviting industry experts into classes. Students can reach out to the Employability Team with questions including but not limited to CV writing, interview preparations and internships.

Course Champions pointed out the need of increasing the number of plugs on both campuses; extending library working hours until midnight; and recording video guidance on the new attendance checking procedure.

Lastly, the Heads of Schools took an opportunity to remind students that the transition time before September 2022 should be used to arrange life commitments - including childcare, employment, and travel time - in time for the new academic year. This is to limit any disruption to the return to campus. Also, the attendance bursary will be changed to the travel bursary from May 2022. If students require any extra support, the first point of contact for them is their personal development tutor.

The next SSLC is planned for June 2022. If you have any feedback on how your student experience can be changed or improved, reach out to your Class Rep or Course Champion. If you don’t know who your representative is, ask your Students’ Union and we will help you.


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