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Chit Chat with your new VPs

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Tamika on the left and Carmen on the right against yellow and black background

The Elections 2022 was an exciting time at ARU London SU, where we saw Carmen Manoila-Adochiei and Tamika Carter elected as your new London Vice Presidents. Izzy and Kseniia, your Students’ Union Coordinators, spoke with them both ahead of starting their new roles in June, to find out about their elections experience and a little bit about what they are looking forward to next year!


How did you find the Elections as a whole?

Tamika: The Elections was a great opportunity, where all my skills were put to the test. I met so many inspiring leaders and I was genuinely very impressed by the involvement of all the candidates and students! Overall, the Elections was a thrilling and memorable experience.

Carmen: I consider the Elections to be a unique experience for me. Here, I included creating promotional materials and campaign planning (social media and face-to-face on campuses). I met extraordinary people during the campaign and received support from those I least expected. In addition, I made friends with other candidates for the same position, which seems to be the maximum point of the whole action.


What was it like to attend the results night in Chelmsford?

Tamika: It was overall a good experience; it was really nice to get the chance to socialise with my colleagues.

Carmen: I'm glad I could get to Chelmsford on time after a day of classes and an exam at the University. It was exciting to see the other campus and meet other members of the Students’ Union. I liked the vibe that night; you have to be there to experience it. Seeing the emotions on the faces of the other candidates and the reactions of the groups that supported them only confirmed to me once again that I was in the right place.


How did it feel to hear you had won?

Tamika: I was overwhelmed but proud of what I had achieved.

Carmen: I was there with four other candidates for London campuses, and we had opportunities to get to know each other and even make friends. When they announced the winner for the Farringdon campus, I tried to stay calm because no matter the outcome, I would have continued to help the students from my current position as Course Champion. 


What are you most excited about for the Vice President role?

Tamika: I’m most excited about making a difference here at ARU and I’m really excited to make great changes for the students. 

Carmen: I find it most exciting that I will be able to help more students compared to my previous positions, people with different backgrounds and cultures.


How would you sum up your aims in a few words?

Tamika: A voice for students…here to make change!

Carmen: My main goals are to organize job fairs for students, to build the ARU community because having solid networking is essential for our future and to continue the work and projects of my predecessors.


Sum yourself up in 3 words

Tamika: Caring, results-oriented, determined. 

Carmen: Honest, empathetic, devoted.



Can you also feel the energy of the new-elected VPs? Our SU team cannot be more excited for them to kick off their roles in June, and to support them in achieving great success in improving your experience at ARU London! Carmen will be your Vice President Farringdon and Tamika will be your Vice President East India! If you see them around campus, be sure to say hello! In the meantime, watch our video interview with the duo on the SU YouTube channel.


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