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Become a Successful Academician

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Success means different thing for different people, for some it might be accolade, some it might be finance, achieving a state of wealth. But whatever success mean to you, take note of this things am about to share with you.

 Only a serious minded person clamps the success lather and come out successfully. I am a man from a humble background where people struggle to make hence means but I decided I was going to make a change in my community and the change will start from me.

I decided to stay focus in my education and to always participate in the governance of any society I found myself.   Here are habit I develop to get me get to a professional pedestal.

Habit 1. Goal setting: setting goal should be number one priority for anyone finding success. Without setting a goal, getting a clear target will be difficult. If you don’t set a goal, you might end up where you don’t plan to be.

Habit 2. Take absolute responsibility for your life: do not blame anyone for your misfortune when things go wrong. Always learn to move on and learn from your mistakes. Do not be afraid to fail because no one is an island.

Habit 3. Self-Disincline: I decided not to watch just TV but news and educative programme that will get me on the professional pedestal. I use YouTube a lot to develop my academic skills and I also listen to motivational speakers to educate my mind, he who fails to lean will lean to fail.

Habit 4.  Focus on something you are good at: why I said this is that, talent is the best thing that keeps you going and makes you who you aspire to be in life.



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