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Academic Integrity Project 2021

I'm on a fact-finding mission...

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One of my key priorities for this year as Vice President was to look into the current state of our Academic Integrity as students. I want to...

  • Empower our students to develop their understanding of Academic Integrity, proudly upholding the values of academic integrity throughout their studies and to feel confident in seeking support when they make mistakes.?

  • Make students more aware of the importance of Academic Integrity and improve their understanding of it, this will decrease the number of academic offences and improve the students’ marks.

STAGE 1: Research & Data Collection

We want to find out about your views and knowledge on academic integrity by completing the survey below

STAGE 2: Analysing & Planning

We will then analyse the information we have gathered and create some useful content to share and lobby the university to make any changes it might need.

STAGE 3: Academic Integrity Week 2021

The big finale! We will be sharing everything we have learnt and created as a result of your feedback. What this space...!


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