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ARUL SU May Welcome Week 2023

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Hey there, welcome to ARU London! 
It’s such an exciting feeling to start something new, isn’t it? 
Last week, we were super excited to welcome you and over 300 new students to East India for Welcome Week, the energy and excitement had the campus buzzing! 
The SU team set up a special lunch, where you and other students could mingle with fellow new starters. Throughout the lunch, we completed a variety of fun activities, one of which involved speaking with our advisers who encouraged students to reflect on their hopes and worries. As well as this, you and the new students completed a ‘To-Do List’ game which gave everyone the opportunity to complete fun tasks whilst meeting more university departments.  

Throughout the day, we as an SU team also presented to you and other students, giving you an insight about your SU. We spoke on a variety of topics including the student representation system, student-led projects, campaigns and societies.  

Afterwards, we gathered feedback from you and the students* and it turned out that 82% of you enjoyed the SU activities, 80% found the presentations very useful and 82% found the SU team helpful. This positive feedback is what we hoped for because as your Students’ Union, we want you to always know that we are here to support you through your university journey.  

Your time at university is about making yourself proud, getting your degree and upskilling yourself every day. As well as this, it’s about making new friends and building a new community, which our SU activity successfully kickstarted as 72% of students stated they spoke to many new students throughout their lunch break.  

We know you may come across challenges whilst studying for your degree – such as tricky assignments, managing different commitments and adapting to a new rhythm of life – which is why it is so important to find that work-life balance. We here, at the Students’ Union can help you through these challenges and team members such as your Students’ Union Coordinators Danielle and Mariana can support you during the ups and downs! 

But most importantly, we want you to get involved and enjoy everything that ARUL offers, we hope your time with us will bring a bright perspective to your future!  

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